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Frank the Tank

Meet, Frank:

Frank is Shirley’s brother.  In this photo, he looks like your typical Chessie (for the most part).  However, when you meet Frank, you will see that he is a little bit different.  Let’s start with his weight.  Male Chesapeake’s usually weigh around 65 to 80 pounds.  Frank weighs about 130.   Chessies also have good balance (they are hunting dogs, anyway).  Frank does not.  Sometimes he will slip and fall even when walking.  When he was a puppy he would fall down the steps on the front porch all the time.   At least he smiles a lot.  And he really is a sweet dog.  But, boy is he big.


Can't get away.

As I am trying to edit photos, this little guy…

… insist on sitting in my lap.  At least he is cute. 🙂

Everybody's working for the weekend!

This week at work has been a doozy.  I have not had much of anything to do.  Most of the time I have tried to work on this!  For the most part I am pretty happy with how everything is coming together, except for the fact that I am not allowed to upload more pictures!  I don’t know what is going on.  I hope I haven’t gotten into something way over my head. :/

Forgivable Friday

All week, my throw rugs looked like this:

No matter how many times I fixed them, Lynx would do this.  But it’s okay Lynx, I forgive you.

Forgetfulness is never a good thing.

I have become very forgetful recently.  I never used to be forgetful.  And unfortunately, it is starting to affect Shirley. At least she likes to be outside.

(Waiting patiently to come in and eat dinner.)

One night I let her out before bed and woke up a few hours later to her barking outside.  I think at one point I actually woke up and yelled, “Shirley, shut up!” and went back to sleep.   Good thing she doesn’t care to wander.

Why are you on my couch?

When I get home from work everyday, this is what I see:Why does she think she can lay on my couch?

Rub a dub dub, Shirley is in the tub!

Shirley got a bath this weekend.  I never have any issues actually getting her in the tub.  She usually jumps right in.

But, the second I turn the faucet on, her ears sink down and she gives me the most pathetic look I think I have ever seen on an animal.  I can almost hear her asking, “Why”?

And bath time is not quick thing, especially when we give her a bath in the tub.  It is so hard to get her fur completely soaking wet as her coat is very oily to help repel water.  But, eventually I get her soaked :)

(“why” face.)

We only give her a bath when we absolutely cannot stand her stench anymore.  I have read as well as heard it is not good to bathe Chessies on the regular because it will strip their protective oily coat!  Shirley also has fairly sensitive skin, so we use an oatmeal shampoo that we purchased from Target.

(I think this is her favorite part.)

And finally the bath is done and the drying process begins!  I usually end up using about four towels and she is still damp afterwards.