You Have to Start Somewhere

This is my first post, so I am going to start off with a little tidbit about my life.

I currently reside in a little crooked house by the beach with my husband, two cats and our dog.   The eldest cat, Luci, is a black domestic short hair.  She will turn 5 within the next couple of months.  Next in line (by age) is our four year old Chesapeake Bay retriever, Shirley, who might just be the most stubborn creature, ever.  And finally, Lynx, who will turn one sometime in May.   He is a stray I found in the bushes at my work.  We think he has some Maine Coon in him.  No, actually, we know he has Maine Coon in him.  He has a long body, puffy tail, tuffs of fur on his ears as well as in between his huge paws.   And he keeps on growing, and growing, and growing…  His personality will absolutely melt your heart.  If you are not a cat person, you would be after you meet him.

As for me, I am in my early 20’s and have been married for five years in May.  The first year of our marriage, we decided we had to have a pet.  So, we found a poster outside a store in Fallbrook, CA (my husband was stationed at Camp Pendleton) and ended up at someones house who had tons of kittens!  I had been picking up kittens that kept  crawling all over the place and wanted to play.  My husband reached in the back and picked out the smallest/scraggliest kitten there and held out his hands and said, “How about this one?”  How could I say no? Turns out my husband knows how to pick em! (He got me right?) Five years, a few cross country moves, and many in state moves later, Luci is still with us and as loyal as ever. Stay tuned to learn about the other two “joys” in our life!


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