Rub a dub dub, Shirley is in the tub!

Shirley got a bath this weekend.  I never have any issues actually getting her in the tub.  She usually jumps right in.

But, the second I turn the faucet on, her ears sink down and she gives me the most pathetic look I think I have ever seen on an animal.  I can almost hear her asking, “Why”?

And bath time is not quick thing, especially when we give her a bath in the tub.  It is so hard to get her fur completely soaking wet as her coat is very oily to help repel water.  But, eventually I get her soaked 🙂

"why" face.

We only give her a bath when we absolutely cannot stand her stench anymore.  I have read as well as heard it is not good to bathe Chessies on the regular because it will strip their protective oily coat!  Shirley also has fairly sensitive skin, so we use an oatmeal shampoo that we purchased from Target.

I think this is her favorite part.

And finally the bath is done and the drying process begins!  I usually end up using about four towels and she is still damp afterwards.


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