Curly Shirley

Meet, Shirley:

Shirley is a four year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  She enjoys long walks on the beach, retrieving tennis balls and sticks, chasing cats, laying on the couch and eating whole loaves of bread.  Shes not your typical Chessie.  As you can see she has a few more curls on her then most Chessies do.  In fact, lets do a quick comparison…

Here is Shirley with one of her sticks and her crazy ear and toe fur.

And here (above) is what a real Chesapeake should look like!

Now, while she doesn’t look like your typical Chesapeake, she definitely has the personality of one.  She is extremely stubborn, and fairly protective.   I THINK she is fairly smart.  She is just so darn stubborn that she comes off as not so bright.  The second we walk through the door and see her cowering over in the corner, we know she has done something bad…and she knows it too.  I have come home to cat litter being eaten, poop piles, throw up, torn up paper, torn up plastic.  One day when I left the house, I locked the door, peeked through the blinds, and saw her head straight to the kitchen.  One day I had left fried chicken wrapped in tin foil on my counter.  I was halfway down the street when I remembered I had forgotten something and turned around.  I walked in the house only to find Shirley huddled in a corner with fried chicken parts and tin foil pieces strewed about.  I was gone for a whole 3 minutes.  Shirley also enjoys chocolate candy, brownies, oh and did I mention bread?  Whole.  Loaves. Of Bread.

Now, while she is a trouble maker, she is also a pretty darn good dog.  Let me tell you, this dog LOVES people.  She loves attention.  Sometimes she even thinks she is a lap dog and will jump up on us when we are on the couch. She smiles. BOY does she smile! (Another Chessie trait!) She does tricks, and sometimes when she really wants something, she will sit up on her hinds legs and beg all on her own.

But the best trait of this dog? She loves us.  And our cats.


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