Lynx: A wild cat

It was a sunny and warm June day here in Virginia Beach, Virginia, while I sat inside at my desk, slaving away on…something…when a customer walked in and stated that she heard meowing outside next to her car.  She says, “I think there is a family of cats out in the bushes!  I keep hearing loud meowing!”   What is my reaction? I immediately jump out of my chair and go outside to check on the situation.   I can clearly hear something in the bushes…definitely a kitten (not a family of cats).   So, I listen and finally I am able to hear where it is.  And I find him.  “Here kitty kitty kitty!”  What does the kitten do? Meow and walk in the other direction.  After a few minutes of this, I am able to get help from some of my coworkers.  I mean, this kitten can’t just stay in the bushes!  What if he tries to leave the bushes and gets hit by a car?  After many attempts of trying to coax the kitten out and after many attempts of my coworkers and I climbing into the bushes trying to scare him out…VICTORY!  Someone finally reaches in and pulls out this not so cute kitten.  Me, being the selfish person that I am, immediately grab the cat and say, “I’ll give you a home!”

Now, he looks cute here…mainly because he is sleeping.  However, he would not stop hissing and meowing.  He ended up having ring worm on the tip of his tail and his mouth! His fur was not very soft and extremely scraggly and thin.  Poor guy had to be confined to a room for about 2 weeks because of the ring worm.  (I’ll get into his treatment at a later time.)  Anyway, he ended up pretty handsome and an absolute joy.  We named him Lynx because of his tuffs of fur on his ears. He definitely has some Maine Coon in him, don’t you think?


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