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Shirley is such a begger

I love veggie sticks.  I usually pick them up from Trader Joe’s whenever I am there (which is not very often).  Jeb and I usually grocery shop at Harris Teeter and on Sunday I had a craving!  And they had some!  They were Snyder’s brand and they were definitely not as good as the Trader Joe’s kind.  Shirley liked them though.

Don’t worry, I only gave her two.  I felt bad that I didn’t have any dog biscuits for her.  And who wouldn’t give into that face!


too cool for school

They go crazy for food!

Lynx is always easy to find in our house.  Wherever we go, he follows.  Luci, however, tends to stay on our bed, or under it.  And while she will let you do anything you want to her (when you find her), she really prefers to be alone…under the bed.  But, if I really want to see her, all I have to do is bring out the treats. 🙂

Notice Shirley trying to get in on the yumminess???

Brown on Brown

It’s a good thing we have leather couches.

Friday Friday Friday

Ah, Friday.  You have graced us with your presence once again.  Why can’t you hang around more often, huh?

A few weeks ago we noticed our blinds in the dining room were missing pieces..

Thanks Lynx.  I guess I can forgive you.  They do only cost about five bucks.   But, we now have to leave the blinds up.  :/

No steak for YOU!

Since the weather has been warm recently, we have started using our grill again!  Last night we had steaks and boy were they deeeeelish.  (My husband IS the best steak cooker in Virginia Beach after all…)  Shirley even thinks so too.

"I think we should make Lynx an outdoor cat!"

Noooooooo!  Lynx should not be an outdoor cat!  He wants to be, but I won’t let him.  And, it’s not that I don’t think he wouldn’t come back.  I think he would.  But, what if he gets hit by a car?  What if the opossum that lives under our house tries to fight or eat him?  What if the rats of Virginia Beach get him!!!!!  I know I know, he is just a cat.  But he is my cat.  He is my baby boy.  He makes me happy!  I can’t image my life without that little guy!! But, Lynx does really crave the outdoors…

Last night, we were grilling out, and every time I opened the back door…he would run out!  So, I let him out for a little while.

But, seriously, what would I do if something were to happen to him? I would be so sad.  I just love him SO much!So, I’m sorry Jeb.  But no, we cannot make Lynx an outdoor cat.  At least not for now…