what is going on here?

Something happened this weekend at the Britton household.  I am not sure exactly how to explain it…  I am not even really sure as to what happened… but, Shirley is now terrified of our cat, Lynx. That’s right, my 80 pound Chesapeake Bay Retriever, is scared of our 10 pound cat.

On Friday night, Lynx and Shirley were playing as usual, and all of a sudden we heard Lynx stomping through the house after Shirley.  His tail was all puffed up and when he got to the dining room, he stopped and hissed really loud.   Shirley headed straight for Jeb and hid under the dining room table and wouldn’t leave him alone!

Saturday morning, I heard Shirley yelp from the kitchen, and when I get up to see what happened, Lynx is just sitting there in front of her.  Shirley wouldn’t come when I called her, so I picked the cat up, and somehow was able to coax the dog into the bedroom.

Shirley won’t even walk by Lynx.  If they start to play and Lynx walks towards her, Shirley runs behind Jeb with her tail between her legs!  She pretty much follows us everywhere now.  I hope Shirley gets over this soon.   It is actually quite annoying having a dog that won’t leave you alone.


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