Peanut butter cookies…for dogs!

Last weekend I attempted to make dog treats/cookies.  The main ingredients were peanut butter, whole wheat flower, white flour, oil and water.  I wanted to do everything organic, so I headed over to Trader Joes to get what I needed.

I am not usually a baker, so I just kind of started throwing in the ingredients according the recipe I found online.  Instead of kneading the dough, I was stirring.  That was a mistake.  I wasn’t able to add enough flour and I could not find my rolling pin.  So, once I got the dough on the counter I kind of just started pounding it with my fist.  This left the dough lumpy and uneven.   The recipe called for the cookies to bake  for 20 minutes. They should have baked longer.

But, for a test run, they turned out okay.

And Shirley really likes them.

This weekend I may go for round 2.


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