"I think we should make Lynx an outdoor cat!"

Noooooooo!  Lynx should not be an outdoor cat!  He wants to be, but I won’t let him.  And, it’s not that I don’t think he wouldn’t come back.  I think he would.  But, what if he gets hit by a car?  What if the opossum that lives under our house tries to fight or eat him?  What if the rats of Virginia Beach get him!!!!!  I know I know, he is just a cat.  But he is my cat.  He is my baby boy.  He makes me happy!  I can’t image my life without that little guy!! But, Lynx does really crave the outdoors…

Last night, we were grilling out, and every time I opened the back door…he would run out!  So, I let him out for a little while.

But, seriously, what would I do if something were to happen to him? I would be so sad.  I just love him SO much!So, I’m sorry Jeb.  But no, we cannot make Lynx an outdoor cat.  At least not for now…


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