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This work week has been a rough one.  Things have been pretty slow.  At least it is Friday though!  All the animals were well behaved this week too!  Maybe it’s the warm weather?  They want to be good so they can go outside?

Anyway, plans for this weekend  include:

  • clean Saturday morning
  • visit with my brother who will be home from Camp Lejeune
  • bike rides to the beach
  • relax and enjoy the 80 degrees +

Best Friends

Jeb and I started watching The Lord of the Rings series a few days ago.  Lynx has been on the couch in between Jeb and me every night.  Last night I caught Lynx holding on to Jeb.  Must have been a scary part?

And I swear, we did not move his paw like that.  And when Jeb would try and move his hand, Lynx’s paw would follow!

Greedy Kitty

I have been so busy recently.  Last week I was swamped at work.  Friday was non stop from 7:30 am to Saturday 6 pm for Brittany’s bridal shower.   I have barely had any time to post on here.   I am going to try and be better about posting though.

Anyway, when we feed Shirley, Lynx (and occasionally Luci) like to wait with Shirley for fresh water.  Last night I was able to get a picture of Lynx drinking Shirley’s water.  This happens EVERY NIGHT.  And I usually clean the cats bowl and give them fresh water on a daily basis.  They always want what isn’t theirs.

Handsome boy.

Bad Dog

Shirley has been a bad, bad dog this week.  Twice she has gotten into the bathroom trash!  And it has been so long since she has done something like this.  So, after the second time, we brought out her crate (eek!).   I felt so bad though seeing her in the crate.At least she had a friend in there with her.  (Lynx ran right in once we opened the door!)  She was in there for about 10 minutes, and I just couldn’t stand it.  I had to let her out!  The crate will be going back in the shed.  Let’s hope she behaves.

busy busy beeeee

My best friend Brittany is getting married in one month!  I am the Matron of Honor and my mother and I are hosting her bridal shower.  I have been pretty busy recently trying to prepare for this.  Last weekend my mom and I went and got mulch for her flower beds in front of the house.   Unloading mulch from a lifted truck is NO FUN.  The shower is this Saturday! (woo!)  So, I am taking the day off tomorrow to help prepare.  We have so much baking and preparing to do.  But, it will be fun.

Anyway, while unloading the mulch this weekend, I brought Shirley over to play with Frank.  When we all took a break,  I happened to get the perfect shot of the two with my Dad.


Forgivable Friday

Shirley is lucky that she is so sweet…..

…because that is really gross.  I am guessing it is foam.  From eating her dinner.  I don’t know.

BUT, I forgive you Shirley.  You are just too cute!