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I will be MIA in the blog world for a little while.

Here is a hint as to why…


this cat…

…loves Jeb more than me. ¬†ūüė¶

Protector of shoes

Chessie’s are usually protective of their owners. ¬†And sometimes of their owners shoes…

Or, at least Jeb’s shoes. ūüôā

Father's Day

Jeb and I celebrated Father’s day by going to Bass Pro in Hampton with my sister and father. ¬†We left Shirley at my parent’s house so she could play with Frank. ¬†I LOVE letting them have play dates. ¬†Shirley is always so tired out after.

She is going to be super wore out after our camping trip next week!

FRIDAY! again!

We never used to have problems with fleas. ¬†Not until we brought Lynx into our home, anyway. ¬†Him and Luci used to be the same size, so I could just get two months worth of cat flea medicine from our vet and split it between them. ¬†But, I have recently discovered (and I pretty much knew this when I purchased the medicine) that Advantage for a 9 pound cat will NOT work on a 13 pound cat. ¬†*sigh* ¬†Looks like I have to suck it up and buy a big pack at PetSmart or amazon for EACH cat. ¬† But, it’s not his fault. ¬†So, I can’t be mad at him. ¬†Plus he is just so darn cute!

Milo and Max

Our friends Tommy and Marie have two Chihuahuas. ¬†Milo and Max. ¬†They are good little buddies. ¬†Even Max, who likes to hang out under blankets. ūüôā

raining cats and dogs

Seriously, it rained so hard last night! ¬†We also had some thunder and lightning and I think the animals were a little bit freaked out. ¬†Shirley especially…

She seriously kept following me around wherever I walked in the house.  And she would bark and growl  at the thunder.  Weirdo.

Twitter Updates

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