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can't touch this.

I got Shirley a bone last night from PetSmart.  Which she ate in like an hour.  She gets so protective over her bones.  At least with the cats around.  They will walk by her and she will growl.  And the cats look at her like, “Shirley, you crazy, we don’t want that nasty bone!”

She is so protective of her bones, that she even puts them in her food to monitor while she eats.

Silly dog.


is three pets too many?

Pets are expensive.  From their food, to vet visits, to flea and heart worm prevention…  You could spend at least $250.00 a year just for one pet’s flea and heart worm preventative.  Now, times that by THREE.   Plus, all the annual (and in between) visits to the vet, which is at least $50.00 a pop.

I have been needing to get all three animals on flea prevention.  We never had flea problems until we brought this guy into our house:

Anyway, I went to PetSmart and got three months for Shirley, and four months each for the cats.

I also got Shirley a $5.00 bone.  I spent $179.00.  And that was with my PetSmart discount card!  It would have been $192.00!  Insane!!!  I could have purchased all the medicine online, but, I just felt uneasy about that.  And the pets need the meds NOW.   My dad always says that back in his day, they just put cheap flea collars on their dogs and that was that.  *sigh*  The things we do for our pets now.

no more majestic kitty (tail)

I think Lynx is losing fur in his tail.  He has had quite the majestic tail for quite sometime, but I noticed yesterday it looked kinda slim. 😦

a month or so ago:


I guess it just doesn’t look as full as it used to.  Maybe he is still growing and his tail has stopped.  Or maybe he is losing all his fluffy baby fur.  Or maybe the fleas are eating him ALIVE. ( I know.  I am a bad mom.  They need to be on flea medicine.  I will get some this week!  I promise!) I just hope it is nothing serious.  Poor kitty and his sad tail.

always in the way

While trying to re-screen our back door, Lynx insisted on being involved.

forgivable friday

Shirley has been getting into the trash again.

And when I ask her if she has been in the trash, she gives me this face:

No, how could I stay mad at that?

do you understand…?

I recently just finished reading The Art of Racing in the Rain.

It is a story about a family told through the eyes of their dog.  It was pretty good.  It made me wonder….is my dog really just like us?  But she chooses to act like a dog because it is what we expect of her?

I asked her this morning, “Shirley, do you understand what I am saying??”  She cocked her head to the side.  “Shirley, if you understand me, give me kisses!” Shirley then turned away.

Well, it’s nice to think that they understand us.

Lover kitty

Even though I am the one that feeds him.  The one that cleans his poopy and stinky litter box.  The one that gives him water.  The one that holds him and pets him and loves him…

…he loves Jeb more. 😦

I just don’t get it.