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i love finding old pictures

Lynx when he was a baby kitteh.  So cute!


nice things

When you have pets, you just cannot have anything nice.   Or at least fur-free.

I bought some throw rugs this weekend.  And of course, the first thing Shirley does is lay on them.

I also put my bed skirt back on my bed, but, like before, it is covered in dog hair once again.   Shirley will lean up against something, then slide down the item she is leaning on and lay down. SO. ANNOYING.

bad bad dog

Shirley has been so bad recently.  She loves tearing up paper from the bathroom trash.

(used to be) sweet kitty

I was just looking at some older pictures.

I wish Lynx was still this sweet.   He has become a bit more…aggressive recently.  Or maybe my hand and my dresser and entertainment center just tastes good to him now.

i would like to take a moment….

…to apologize for the lack of posting  (for those few who read).

There just is not anything very exciting happening with the Britton pets lately.


kitties love the sun.

Luci actually hung out with us this weekend!

poor fwank

Frank.  You all have read about Frank before.  He is big.  He usually stinks.  And he usually has drool on him.  But, he is super sweet.

This week I brought Shirley over to my parents house whenever we visited.

And sometimes when I bring her over, they like to just hang out with her…and not Frank.  Seeing since he insists on always playing and drooling on Shirley…or us.

At one point Saturday night, we were all outside, except Frank.

note the deer heads in the background. my dad is an avid hunter

We decided to let him out to play after this.  Poor Fwank.