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bad bad dog

Shirley has been so bad recently.  She loves tearing up paper from the bathroom trash.


forgivable friday

Shirley has been getting into the trash again.

And when I ask her if she has been in the trash, she gives me this face:

No, how could I stay mad at that?

FRIDAY! again!

We never used to have problems with fleas.  Not until we brought Lynx into our home, anyway.  Him and Luci used to be the same size, so I could just get two months worth of cat flea medicine from our vet and split it between them.  But, I have recently discovered (and I pretty much knew this when I purchased the medicine) that Advantage for a 9 pound cat will NOT work on a 13 pound cat.  *sigh*  Looks like I have to suck it up and buy a big pack at PetSmart or amazon for EACH cat.   But, it’s not his fault.  So, I can’t be mad at him.  Plus he is just so darn cute!

Forgivable Friday

Shirley is lucky that she is so sweet…..

…because that is really gross.  I am guessing it is foam.  From eating her dinner.  I don’t know.

BUT, I forgive you Shirley.  You are just too cute!

Forgivable Friday

Friday is finally here once again.  I apologize for the lack of updates this week.  Life has been pretty hectic recently.

Anyway, remember when I first introduced Shirley??  And remember how I said she likes whole loafs of bread???  Yeah, well…

…need I say more??

Forgivable Friday

To me, Friday is the best day of the week.   I get the next two days off. 🙂  So, nothing can get me down today, not even the mess that my pets have created throughout the week.  That is why I am declaring all Fridays, Forgivable Friday.   I will forgive Luci for laying on one spot of the bed all day and creating a nice dark spot of black fur on my comforter.  I will forgive Lynx for flipping up all the rugs in my house.  And I will forgive Shirley for things like this…

(please ignore the dog hair. dog hair seems to be another thing that consumes my life)

Not sure why she chose our Burt’s Bees.  Maybe her lips were chapped? Or maybe her nose was from Lynx constantly swatting at it.

What sort of trouble do your pets like to get into when you are not home?

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