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always in the way

This is what you get…

…when you try and burrow in the sheets as I am trying to strip the bed.


i love finding old pictures

Lynx when he was a baby kitteh.  So cute!

(used to be) sweet kitty

I was just looking at some older pictures.

I wish Lynx was still this sweet.   He has become a bit more…aggressive recently.  Or maybe my hand and my dresser and entertainment center just tastes good to him now.

kitties love the sun.

Luci actually hung out with us this weekend!

stalker pets

For some reason, Shirley and Lynx feel it necessary that they follow me around the house when I am home.  They are always on the same room as me.  Sometimes I trip over them.  And when I am cooking dinner, they hang out in the kitchen.

Of course you can only see little bits of them because they are always laying far away from each other.  But, ever since Lynx was little, he always hung around Shirley.  He would sometimes even copy the way she was laying.  So, maybe Shirley wants to be close to me, and Lynx wants to be close to her?  Who knows.  Animals are weird.

And where is Luci while all of this goes on?

Who knows.  Probably hiding in her secret cave.

these crazy cats

The cats have gotten into the bed.

I hear them all night long and all morning.  Climbing around.  *sigh*

Can you spot both kitties?

is three pets too many?

Pets are expensive.  From their food, to vet visits, to flea and heart worm prevention…  You could spend at least $250.00 a year just for one pet’s flea and heart worm preventative.  Now, times that by THREE.   Plus, all the annual (and in between) visits to the vet, which is at least $50.00 a pop.

I have been needing to get all three animals on flea prevention.  We never had flea problems until we brought this guy into our house:

Anyway, I went to PetSmart and got three months for Shirley, and four months each for the cats.

I also got Shirley a $5.00 bone.  I spent $179.00.  And that was with my PetSmart discount card!  It would have been $192.00!  Insane!!!  I could have purchased all the medicine online, but, I just felt uneasy about that.  And the pets need the meds NOW.   My dad always says that back in his day, they just put cheap flea collars on their dogs and that was that.  *sigh*  The things we do for our pets now.

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