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did you know…

That Palmetto bugs can FLY!?

Palmetto bugs are basically giant roaches.  And by giant I mean HUGE.  But, they aren’t “dirty” roaches.  These ones are the water bug ones.  And where there is water, we have them. blech.  They usually hang out outside, but when it gets cooler, they tend to come into the house.

Well, in case you didn’t know, I hate bugs.  Like, really hate bugs. Like terrified of them.  Especially roaches.  They are gross.  Creepy.  FAST. uuughhhh.  I shudder just thinking about them.

Anyway, we can usually tell if we have a bug in the house.

The cats go nuts.

Well, Monday night, we heard Lynx meow that weird hunting meow cats do.  I look over at Lynx…see that he is looking up towards the ceiling, and lo and behold, there is a GIANT ROACH ON THE WALL.  I immediately say, “OMG JEB LOOK AT THAT!”  Jeb starts laughing because it was so big and I start moving out of the way so Jeb can kill it.  Once I stood up, it started FLYING!  I then proceeded to jump across two couches in less than a second yelling,  “IT IS FLYING! I DIDN’T KNOW THEY COULD FLY!!!!!!”

It then proceeded to fly into the bathroom while Jeb went to grab the bug killer.  He goes into the bathroom and comes out laughing saying, “I hope you bought some new toothbrushes.”  Ew.  It was crawling all over my new toothbrushes!  Luckily I had backups.  Finally, Jeb was able to kill the sucker.

Ugh.  Palmetto bugs.

Creepiest things ever.


greeted with a smile

Once again, I apologize for the lack of posting.  I haven’t really had that much to blog about recently.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend.  We were quite busy this weekend.  But, I still had some time to visit my parents.  And Frank.  He always greets with a smile.  🙂

poor fwank

Frank.  You all have read about Frank before.  He is big.  He usually stinks.  And he usually has drool on him.  But, he is super sweet.

This week I brought Shirley over to my parents house whenever we visited.

And sometimes when I bring her over, they like to just hang out with her…and not Frank.  Seeing since he insists on always playing and drooling on Shirley…or us.

At one point Saturday night, we were all outside, except Frank.

note the deer heads in the background. my dad is an avid hunter

We decided to let him out to play after this.  Poor Fwank.

the return of grey kitty

Remember when I posted about grey kitty?

Well I saw him this morning when I was putting the lawn mower away!  I think I startled him though when I opened up the back door.  He ran away. 😦

Milo and Max

Our friends Tommy and Marie have two Chihuahuas.  Milo and Max.  They are good little buddies.  Even Max, who likes to hang out under blankets. 🙂