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i would like to take a moment….

…to apologize for the lack of posting  (for those few who read).

There just is not anything very exciting happening with the Britton pets lately.




For some reason when he lays down he gets really fat.

some things never change

Last year:

This year:

Big Babies.

Shirley and Frank are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.   They are hunting dogs.  So, loud noises and guns shouldn’t bother them, right?


What do Shirley and Frank do when they here loud noises?

Head for the trailer and drool.  (As you can see in the picture of Frank above.)

125 wasn't enough

Even though we had almost 125 acres to hike on, what we call, Tildon Hill,  it wasn’t enough.

My parents own another 79 acres in another town called Dansville and one afternoon Jeb, my dad and I decided to go for a hike there.  When I was younger, my family moved on this property and built a log cabin.  My parents still own the house and land, but rent out the house and surrounding area.

The closest thing to wildlife that we came across on this hike however was deer poop.  😦 But,  once we got to the property line, we came across some cool old tree stumps that were put up probably over 100 years ago as property line markers.

Pretty awesome.

go fish

One of the many things we did while on vacation was go out on the canoe and fish.  There is something amazing about being on the water.  Watching ever ripple that is made.  Looking into the water and seeing fish swim below you.  It is almost a different world.

I was lucky enough to catch a fish on one of our adventures.  (Don’t worry, we released him back into the water!)

Along with fish there was plenty of other wild life that we encountered.  I was able to snap a couple pictures of the deer that hung around as well as the garden snake:

In the summer deer  have an awesome orange-y red coat that makes them easier to spot.  As for this snake.  I think he had a nest right by our camp fire so for the first few days he pretty much hung around fairly close to us!

Almost ever morning we heard a woodpecker hard at work on a tree.  And the last day we were at camp we saw a hummingbird land on an apple tree branch.  Pretty cool.

vacations all I ever wanted

And it is what I got last week!

Last Saturday we headed up to upstate New York for our annual family camping trip.  We had so much fun.  So did Shirley and Frank.  I have lots of things I would like to share, starting with where we went.

In a little town called Arkport, New York, there is approximately 125 acres of this:

Well, not 125 acres of water.  This is just a part of it. 🙂

But, isn’t it amazing?  I really think I could live here.  And of course the first thing Shirley did was head straight for the water.

We did tons of things the week we were here.  We rode ATV’s, hiked, fished, and explored.  It was amazing.  We saw and heard tons of wild life, including a deer, woodpecker, hummingbird and a snake!

It was very hard to come home on Sunday.  I miss it already.

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